Letters to Ryker


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Dear Ryker,

You are four and a half months today and you are turning into a beautiful and joyous baby. I never thought I would be a mommy and then you came along and I was instantly amazed by how quickly I adjusted.  You have completely changed how I view the world and what I want for myself, you and our tiny family. Before you were born I didn’t really know what I wanted in life and didn’t really care to think about it. I went to school because I thought it was the right thing to do, not because I wanted to. I worked minimum wage jobs just to get by. I wasn’t going anywhere and I was okay with that. Now that you are here, I want to be some much more, do so much more. I no longer want to just fly by the seat of my pants or just hope I can make it to the next paycheck. I want you to be proud of me, I want you to be able to go to school and proudly say my Mommy is a Chef or my Mommy is a Marine. I want you to be able to say that I did everything in my power to give you the life you deserve. I want for you to view me as the coolest Mom ever and be excited for your friends to come and meet me. So, I promise you that I will do whatever it takes to do what I can to ensure that you have everything you could ever want or need in life and will always make you proud to have me as a Mommy.




New Theme!


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I would like to [very] discreetly point out the nifty new blog header. -insert long pause here- that I made all by myself!!!!! Using Picasa! I am very proud of it especially since it is my very first one 🙂 What do you think about it and do you prefer the darker look or the lighter one?

DIY Diaper Wipe Case


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I know you have all seen those adorable diaper wipe cases that someone probably bought for 20 dollars at some boutique.
Like this one.
Well, I decided that I was going to make one myself. This entire project cost me under ten bucks (everything can be found at walmart) and it turned out pretty well for my first time.
Here’s what you will need:
1 travel wipe case. (I used the huggies one)
1 Quilt batting.
1/2 yard of fabric. (This is more than plenty. I got extra just in case.)
1 package of ribbon or trim.
1 hot glue gun and 3-6 hot glue sticks.
I wasn’t smart enough to take pictures of my progress, because I was too excited, so I will just have to explain the process.
Step 1: Cut a piece of batting to fit your case. This helps to cover the the pop up dispenser hole and adds a
            little padding to the top. I also did the same for the bottom, but if you don’t want to spend the extra
            time that’s okay.
Step 2: Glue the batting to your case. I would recommend doing a little at a time or you can do it all at once.
            Just make sure you do it quickly, so that the glue is still hot.
Step 3: Cut and glue your fabric. I cut a bigger piece than I needed, glued it to my case and then trimmed it.
            You want to make sure you leave enough fabric to cover to the middle of the sides. This does not
             need to be perfect because you trim will cover the ends. Repeat with both sides.
Step 4: My case has a piece of ribbon going from side to side at the bottom. Like the picture shown below.
            If you want this make sure you glue this first, also gluing to the middle of the sides.
Step 5: Glue your trim around the sides of your case. Covering the ends of the fabric and ribbon.

Now you are all done and can stuff your case with baby wipes and be a very stylish mommy (or daddy)
Here are the finished results of mine and I hope you had fun with this like I did.

How You Know You’re a Mommy.


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I never thought I would adjust to being a momma. I always told myself I would never have children and they were just not my cup of tea. My cousin had a baby when I was 18 and I remember her little girl drooling and me telling her to “get it away from me” I referred to her play pen as a cage and on more than one occasion called her daughter a dog. Never out of mean-ness, of course. When I found out I was expecting it was no surprise that my family was very concerned that I would never quite grow into the mothering kind. I now would disagree immensely.

In fact, I have become so much of a mommy, that I decided to write a post dedicated to the things that I have done that are a little odd, amusing and weird.

  • I kiss my mother, boyfriend, brother and sister in an exaggerated way. Sounding something like “MMMMMMMMMWUAH!”
  • I find myself talking in the “baby voice” all the time. You know the voice, higher pitched, excited and big facial expressions.
  • I evaluate poop. I walked my dog the other morning and as she was doing her business, I noticed it was green. Then I began to think of the things she must have eaten for it to be that color.
  • I ALWAYS go to the baby aisles in stores to make sure they haven’t gotten any new binkies or there aren’t any new clothes that weren’t there when I was in shopping this morning.
  • I do everything much more quickly. Even if the baby is sleeping or even if he isn’t with me. You never know when he might wake up or start crying.
  • I constantly think of the things he needs never mind that I don’t own any clothes outside of my maternity clothes or I need a pair of shoes.
  • I make lists for EVERYTHING and EVERY time i leave the house. I find things go smoother on a schedule.
  • I no longer own a purse. My diaper bag is now my purse.
  • I no longer own a car. My car is now my diaper bag.

What are some weird things that you have done? Any funny momma moments?

Just Another Baby Blog.


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I decided to do a blog because I, like so many others, have little else to do. I mean besides care for an infant, work, clean and start back to school. Besides all that, I decided I just need something to share my ideas, my story, my rants and just about anything I feel fit to include in here. Mostly about life as a young mother with one child, a beautiful baby boy named Ryker Grayson.

I also intend to give my readers some creative ideas I find and inspiration for some neat baby crafts. So, I hope you enjoy and remember to follow me, because I will be updating frequently.