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I have spent way too much time away now. I haven’t updated in a month and I don’t even know how to begin blogging again. I told myself when I started this blog that I would update at least once a weak. I would provide readers with fun things to do, all while documenting my son’s and my life. I want to be able to show him this years from now and say “look mom did this when you were born!” I have neglected that. So, I am going to give you guys an update on what been going on.

The Baby

Ryker has gotten his first two teeth! He has bottom two and I was very surprised about it. He never showed any symptoms of teething like fever or fussiness. He has always been a drool-er so we didn’t pay much attention. He has had the need to put his hand and other objects in his mouth since he figured out he had one and he would get a little fussy before bedtime but no more than he normally did when tired. I finally noticed because I was feeding him baby food and I kept feeling the spoon catch on something when I pulled it out. So, I stuck my finger in there and we had two little baby teeth! He looked at me and smiled as if to say “look mom! I am four months old and have two teeth.”

Two days later he started crawl. Not full out crawling, that would come the next day. He would get on all four and pull his knees into his belly and then launch himself into a belly flop. He would does this continuously until he reached where he wanted to go. We laughed and took pictures, thinking it would be a couple of weeks until he succeeded. No, not a couple of weeks, at all. The next day he started all out crawling and ever since then he has not stopped. Before you can even put him on the floor his little arms and legs start kicking out and as soon as he makes contact he is off. You can look up for 10 seconds and he is not even in the room anymore. It’d time to invest in baby gates!

Two weeks later….he is pulling himself up. His crib, the coffee table, the couch, your leg, the dog, boxes, cabinets. Anything he can get his little grip on is no longer safe. Pretty soon he will be standing and then walking. If his quick progress hasn’t show how fast he learns, I don’t know what will.


The Move

We move from sunny Florida to sunny California in 16 days. We have found out that because the military hires someone to come moves us and holds that company liable for any lost or damaged good, the moving company won’t let us pack anything. Everything that we have packed will only be gone through and repacked. So, I am not sitting in a house that is fully unpacked and feeling as though I have not accomplished anything. On one hand I am grateful that I don’t have to pack, load the u-haul and then drive three days to California. It is still very frustrating that I cannot do anything.


I have put in my two weeks notice at work, the 21st being my last day, only to see that I have 19 hours this week. That’s right my boss has given me 19 hours stating “that I didn’t deliberately do it. I just figured you guys need time to get everything together.” That is why I took time, over a week before I moved
off. So I would have plenty of time, douche.

This is what has been going on in our lives. It’s been hectic and a little unnerving but we are getting through it. I will have another post for you soon.

Thanks to those who keep coming back.