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Click photos for links to tutorials and sites.

Dino TailsImage

Running With Scissors has an awesome tutorial on how to make these fun adorable tails. Your little one can run to their heart’s content and be a dinosaur themselves. RAWR!


I found this while searching for some projects to do when my new sewing machine came in. I thought it was adorable enough to post it. It features a garden where children can pick their own fruits and vegetables, an apple tree with pickable apples, windows and an adorable dog with a doggy door. The mailbox is also usable and the door opens and closes. This make a perfect gift or playtoy for your babies.

Crayon Molds

These crayon molds are sure to make coloring more fun. Remember all those broken crayons your little one won’t use? Throw them all in a mold and pop them in the oven. Whether you decide to do single colors or multiple colors per mold this cute craft is sure to make your little artist want to help make these.

Coffee House

Okay, how adorable is this? Too adorable! If you just so happen to be a flipping awesome mom or dad why not build a coffee shop for your little one? Unfortunately there isn’t a tutorial but the link provided gives you different picture so that you can kind of figure it out. You definitely need to be creative for this one.