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I never thought I would adjust to being a momma. I always told myself I would never have children and they were just not my cup of tea. My cousin had a baby when I was 18 and I remember her little girl drooling and me telling her to “get it away from me” I referred to her play pen as a cage and on more than one occasion called her daughter a dog. Never out of mean-ness, of course. When I found out I was expecting it was no surprise that my family was very concerned that I would never quite grow into the mothering kind. I now would disagree immensely.

In fact, I have become so much of a mommy, that I decided to write a post dedicated to the things that I have done that are a little odd, amusing and weird.

  • I kiss my mother, boyfriend, brother and sister in an exaggerated way. Sounding something like “MMMMMMMMMWUAH!”
  • I find myself talking in the “baby voice” all the time. You know the voice, higher pitched, excited and big facial expressions.
  • I evaluate poop. I walked my dog the other morning and as she was doing her business, I noticed it was green. Then I began to think of the things she must have eaten for it to be that color.
  • I ALWAYS go to the baby aisles in stores to make sure they haven’t gotten any new binkies or there aren’t any new clothes that weren’t there when I was in shopping this morning.
  • I do everything much more quickly. Even if the baby is sleeping or even if he isn’t with me. You never know when he might wake up or start crying.
  • I constantly think of the things he needs never mind that I don’t own any clothes outside of my maternity clothes or I need a pair of shoes.
  • I make lists for EVERYTHING and EVERY time i leave the house. I find things go smoother on a schedule.
  • I no longer own a purse. My diaper bag is now my purse.
  • I no longer own a car. My car is now my diaper bag.

What are some weird things that you have done? Any funny momma moments?