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I know you have all seen those adorable diaper wipe cases that someone probably bought for 20 dollars at some boutique.
Like this one.
Well, I decided that I was going to make one myself. This entire project cost me under ten bucks (everything can be found at walmart) and it turned out pretty well for my first time.
Here’s what you will need:
1 travel wipe case. (I used the huggies one)
1 Quilt batting.
1/2 yard of fabric. (This is more than plenty. I got extra just in case.)
1 package of ribbon or trim.
1 hot glue gun and 3-6 hot glue sticks.
I wasn’t smart enough to take pictures of my progress, because I was too excited, so I will just have to explain the process.
Step 1: Cut a piece of batting to fit your case. This helps to cover the the pop up dispenser hole and adds a
            little padding to the top. I also did the same for the bottom, but if you don’t want to spend the extra
            time that’s okay.
Step 2: Glue the batting to your case. I would recommend doing a little at a time or you can do it all at once.
            Just make sure you do it quickly, so that the glue is still hot.
Step 3: Cut and glue your fabric. I cut a bigger piece than I needed, glued it to my case and then trimmed it.
            You want to make sure you leave enough fabric to cover to the middle of the sides. This does not
             need to be perfect because you trim will cover the ends. Repeat with both sides.
Step 4: My case has a piece of ribbon going from side to side at the bottom. Like the picture shown below.
            If you want this make sure you glue this first, also gluing to the middle of the sides.
Step 5: Glue your trim around the sides of your case. Covering the ends of the fabric and ribbon.

Now you are all done and can stuff your case with baby wipes and be a very stylish mommy (or daddy)
Here are the finished results of mine and I hope you had fun with this like I did.